• Send or receive payments online

  • Unique IBAN for every account

  • 24/7 access to your funds with multilingual support

  • Confidential and Secure

  • Express international transfers

  • Corporate Payment cards

  • Fast, Reasonable and Secure multiple pay-outs

Why open an account with us?

Evolution of your business transactions with Banquecorp

Banks accounts in various currencies.

Banquecorp accounts and Prepaid cards.

Any other Prepaid or Debit card in the world.

​Multiple e-wallets

Our pay-out program will significantly save you money on transactions, while making your payments faster and more secure than anywhere else.

We execute international bank transfers in more than 28 currencies around the world.

One single account for all transactional needs of your company

All payments in your cellphone or computer. A corporate account in Banquecorp provides you with access to multiple channels for incoming and outgoing payments. You can conduct currency conversions and make outgoing transfers around the world at extremely low prices.

Every account has its own unique IBAN.

​SatchelPay has adapted pay-out solutions for practically every for every business requirement.